You know what is FIWARE and OpenPD?

The development of an application such as OpenPD has some technical complexity. One of the most important steps to take is the architecture of the application: decomposing it into modules and/or components that, when integrated will interact to offer the intended functionality. A good architecture will be effective, will potentially open the application to other systems and applications and will make maintenance and evolution much easier.
Also, in addition to these a good architecture also makes it easy to create reusable components and to reuse existing ones. This is a very important benefit.
In the specific case of OpenPD the architecture was geared towards taking advantage of the components of the open community of FIWARE, its Generic Enablers (GEs). These where created in the context of the FIWARE Accelerator Program (a EU financed accelerator program in the scope of the 7th Framework Programme). Leveraging the power of these GEs we were able to speed up the development of OpenPD – these GEs are open source components developed and maintained by an active and dynamic community. The result was a lower development cost as well as a significant decrease in the development time.
FIWARE has played a significant role in the development of OpenPD, for which we are thankful. We recommend the FIWARE community and its Generic Enablers as an interesting and useful tool for all those interested in developing modern applications.

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